Composer plugin to manage Harmony's Projects and configuration for extensions, packages, themes and translations.

What is HarmonyFlex?

Based on the same idea as Symfony Flex, HarmonyFlex is the only way to install and manage your HarmonyCMS application. HarmonyFlex is a command line tool to automates installation, configuration, deployment of addons (extensions, packages, themes and translations) and other Composer dependencies (default scope).

How does it work?

HarmonyFlex is a Composer plugin who is loaded when the user (you) execute some Composer commands. This plugin, modify the behavior of some commands such as create-project, require, remove and update by running new automated tasks to prevent the end user (still you) to perform manual actions.

To have more details on how this plugin modify the behavior of the Composer tool, check the next articles here:

We use a private proxy/caching flex recipes server, replacing as the default Symfony endpoint to install private recipes. For more information, read the Harmony Flex Server documentation.