Create project

create-project is the command to execute to create a new HarmonyCMS project on your server.

More information about this this command are available in the Composer create-project documentation page.

When creating a new project, HarmonyFlex will perform some tasks before and after the execution of the default Composer tasks.

Consider the following example:

composer create-project harmony/skeleton my-project

If you execute that command, first of all Composer will create a new project from HarmonyCMS skeleton repository.

The first think Composer will do is loading HarmonyFlex plugin and processed like follow:

  • Check connectivity to HarmonyCMS API:

  • Authenticate you trough our Harmony platform, using an OAuth2 Access Token‚Äč

  • Ask you to specify a Project ID

  • Processed installing your project and all dependencies (addons) binded to your project

  • Configure your HarmonyCMS project:

    • Updating files .env.dist and .env with project's database settings

HarmonyFlex keeps tracks of the project and addons installed in a harmony.lock file, which must be committed to your code repository.